Plastic recycling machine

About Us

We are a professional plastic recycling machine supplier and exporter.





Plastic recycling machine can be used in granulation of discarded thermoplastic, plastic film, polyvinyl chloride, waste chemical fibers, waste polypropylene and other thermoplastic We are able to supply a wide range of plastic recycling machine, including PET bottle recycling machine, LDPE film/garbage bag recycling machine, wasted water treament machine, garbage and junk recycling machine, wasted tyre recycling machine, wasted glass recycling machine, etc.


Through years of practice in the field of recycling machine exporting, as well as numbers of recycling machine projects finished over each year, we've gathered tremendous experience in recycling machine exporting and won a remarkable reputation among our customers. We sincerely welcome clients over the world contact us should you were interested in our plastic recycling machine.


CLIMA recycling machine exporting is owned by China light Industry Machinery Association (CLIMA), Beijing Time Progress Technology Development Co., LTD is the executive trading company of CLIMA. Recycling machine exporting is one of our featuring business and we've been engaged in recycling machine exporting for years.